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Book Review: The Golden Thread
The Golden Thread, How Fabric Changed History, written by Kassia St Clair, Published by John Murray Publishers, 2018.

This is the sort of book I would read again and again.  It’s an easy read, and extremely informative.  Filled with craftily woven stories that bring history to life but also include accounts of modern-day technologies such as streamlining athletic sportswear and space suits.  From primitive man, through to ancient China and The Silk Road, The Vikings, Lace and so much more. One chapter, Workers in the Factory was eye-opening.

A small A5 sized book, with no content images per se, just simple line drawings for each chapter.  Images aren’t necessary here.

This is a must-read for any textile lover.  Detailed Source List/Bibliography for each chapter.

Kassia St. Clair also wrote The Secret Lives of Colour, another excellent read.

The Golden Thread – How Fabric Changed History
Kassia St Clair
Highly recommended textile reading. Easy to read, with historical as well as modern references. A great addition to any library.

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