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Book Review: Guo Pei – Couture Beyond
Guo Pei, the first Chinese designer invited to join the prestigious Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture combines tradition, history and mythology producing unconventional and otherworldly designs – a reflection of her oeuvre.  With a reverence for China’s imperial past and beauty, her aspiration is to bring that heritage into a reflection of today’s modern fashion currency.

Haute Couture offers the ultimate form of visual communication and storytelling but it also offers a blank canvas for the creative artist/designer to dream, fantasize and practice her craft.

Guo Pei’s creations inspire our ability to rise above the everyday.  They gently caress our desires or stir our passions, giving these garments a new level of power and significance.  These larger-than-life, exaggerated fashion pieces offer fantasy-based escapism where anything seems possible.

Time magazine voted Guo Pei one of the World’s Most Influential People in 2016 and one of The Business of Fashion’s 500 ‘People Shaping The Global Fashion Industry.’

Precise photography captures the detail and sheer grandeur of this designer’s work, including head-wear and chopines, along with her respect for workmanship and detail.  A list of exhibited works gives insight into materials and embellishments used.

This publication would be a useful resource for students of fashion and design and those looking for new inspiration.

Published in conjunction with SCAD FASH – Museum of Fashion and Film in 2018, this sumptuous 245×320 mm volume is a must-have addition to any fashionistas library, or anyone interested in design, cloth, embroidery, fabric manipulation or embellishment.





Guo Pei - Couture Beyond
Paula Wallace
A combination of utter beauty and irresistible expertise, combining influences from East and West via the Atelier of Beijing designer, Guo Pei.

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